Stagestory is an art studio located in the capital of Poland in Warsaw Mokotów. We operate in Poland and abroad. Our team works with many talented artists from painting and sculpture to digital art …

For many years we have been involved in the design of commercial stage design for public use and important cultural institutions.

We create and implement concepts for events, ambient, roudshow, advertising and exhibition design.
As artists we create spaces for artists for fashion shows, concerts, theaters and music videos.
For the whole, we offer multimedia presentations, animations and videoloops

The company was created for you – people who want to go beyond the limits of mediocrity and patterns. Design is our passion, and satisfied customers – a testament to what we do, we do well. We like the challenges that drive us to act and share positive energy.

3 steps to complete the project:
1). Our task is to design scenography, which we will then evaluate and build for you.
2). We encourage all companies from all over Poland to meet us face to face.
3). Companies that want to meet us with challenges are able to come to us regardless of their location.